The sneaky barrier keeping you from self-care

beautiful 35 year old woman stands in front of the windowIt’s been pretty well documented that there is a connection between physical movement (ie: exercise) and mental wellness. Knowing this fact isn’t always enough to get us off the couch, though. What are the barriers?

Well – I know a thing or two about barriers. Admittedly, I am pretty good at justifying just about anything if it gets me what I want. Hey – I’m still a work in progress! Here are some of my personal favorites. Any of these sound familiar?

“I’m tired, my body needs rest.”
“It’s cold outside.” 
“I’ll just watch one more show.”
“I deserve ….”

One reason that justifications are effective barriers is that they are likely, at least partially, true! Justification for choosing not to exercise also win out when we are unaware (or in denial) about how much of a positive impact exercise actually has on us. Sometimes we just need cold hard facts to jolt us into action.

TRY THIS: Track the impact exercise has on your overall mood and stress level. Record your mood or stress level (daily) along with type, length, or occurrence of exercise. Bullet journaling is a informative and creative way to visually track your data. Want to see examples of bullet journals? I’ve started a google search for you here.



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