When habits snowball

cold-weather-headaches.jpgHave you noticed that old habits really are hard to break? Especially when we’re unaware of them. Our thinking patterns can be some of our oldest habits – and they’re not always healthy.

One can easily slide into a negative/worrisome thought that quickly snowballs into something bigger, which is even harder to dig your way out of. What if you could change that?

TRY THIS: One approach starts with awareness. Become aware of the moment that the initial thought happens. Maybe that moment stands out because of what you’re thinking, and maybe it stands out because you notice a physical response to your thought: a heaviness in your chest, tightness in your muscles, or a headache.

When you become aware that the snowball is beginning to roll, do something different. Get up and go for a walk outside, pick up your book to read, call a friend. Actively engage your mind and body in something different.


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