Be your own boss, even if you’re not.

iStock_000003579983LargeDid you know that I am one of several bloggers/therapists over at The Stone Center for Counseling and Leadership? Similar to this blog, we try to be a relevant source for information and resources regarding all things mental health.

Here’s my latest – a topic that I FREQUENTLY talk about in session with clients – work stress, more specifically: how to find independence in the workplace. Go ahead – check it out!

Using Breath as a Remote Control

nine-kopfer-295988Here’s a thought for Thursday: There is new research linking breathing to control of cognitive functioning! So, yes – “just breathe.” But, seriously – read more here about what type of breathing you can use to have better cognitive control.

Reversing Stress (yes, it’s possible!)

YogaInterested in REVERSING the effect of stress? There’s evidence that Mind-body Interventions (think yoga, meditation, etc.) can do that at the molecular level. Sign me up!

Read more here.

Try this: Download a FREE meditation app, like Calm or Mindfulness, and start a meditation practice today!


Weekend Self-Care

danielle hughes
Lunch break thoughts: What are your weekend plans? Do they involve self-care? Sometimes self-care just happens, and other times we have to be intentional about it. I challenge you to set aside some time for yourself this weekend. You deserve it!